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The Company

Diana Company, Ltd. belongs among the foremost Czech leading importers of a complete assortment of dried and lyophilized fruits, nuts, superfoods, seeds, coated dried fruits and nuts in icings as well as candies direct from farmers, manufacturers or processors from their countries of origin, both in conventional as well as organic qualities.

Having started as a family business, our company was founded with a determination and an aim to offer the highest quality of goods and services together with a high standard of customer service from the very beginning. It is our primary mission nowadays to make use of our experience and knowledge of the  market and products to be able not only to keep up but also further to develop these values in order that our Comapany may remains the synonym of quality, sureness and tradition.

Apart from wholesale activities we also operate our own network of retail shops in attractive localities of the Capital town of Prague. Our shops are focused on selling our own assortment, products of rational nutrition and providing gift packaging.

Our priority is and will always be a happy customer and that is the target we give all our efforts. We regularly monitor international trends on the world markets and strive to extend and innovate our assortment so as to keep our offer interesting and varied while besides the quality we pay special attention above all to the stability and permanent availability of our products. We offer both wholesale, gastro and consumer packing in order to to be able to satisfy the largest possible range of customers from the manufacturers upto the final consumers.

In the recent past years we started focusing on the extension of the offer of processed products and development of products "made to measure" according to customers' specification.

We dispose of our own logistics and extensive store rooms with the possibility of temperature check, which is important for preserving the quality of our products. Owing to our strategic location and a regular renewal of our car fleet we are able to execute flexibly our cumstomers' orders not only withing Czech Republic but also within the whole of Europe.

In 2018 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the foundation and on that occasion we would like to express thanks to all our business partners and customers, local and from abroad, for their loyalty, correct commercial cooperation and good relations, which we esteem very much.

Our thanks of course belong to all those who participated in the development of Diana Company, Ltd. and primarily to our current as well as former staff.  Our future goal is a further commercial progress and growth of our objective business activities, while maintaining at the same time a hig standard and atmosphere of the family business Company.



We are looking forward to our future cooperation,

Diana Company, Ltd., family business

Dr. Jamil Shaya, Ph.D.
general director








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