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altA diabetic diet is designed for people suffering from diabetes mellitus, or increase in the blood sugar level called glycemia, which is caused by insulin deficiency or lack of efficacy.

Diabetes can be divided into type I and type II. They differ in their onset and also by the need for insulin. Type I diabetes mainly occurs in childhood; however, it can also affect adults at a later age. The cause of type I diabetes is the complete destruction of beta cells of the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas, due to which insulin isn’t formed. Diabetes type II is far more common and occurs typically only in middle-age or older and is a general metabolic disorder. The lack of insulin is relative because the beta cells are not destroyed, but there is a deficiency of the responsiveness of the insulin receptor in body tissues and it therefore lacks efficacy.

Good nutrition, adhering to medical prescriptions and diet and adequate physical activity all at the same time are very important for both types - the principles of a diabetic diet basically go hand in hand with the rules of rational nutrition. The nature of a diabetic diet is then essentially twofold, preventive and curative.

In our retail stores we offer a varied range of products designated DIA, which include mainly biscuits, wafers, chocolates, baking mixtures, stewed fruits, jams, honey substitutes, juices, various kinds of sweeteners, etc. from specialized foreign and domestic manufacturers such as: Gullón, Darbo, Torras, Diabeta, Wawel, Emco, Rigola, Sula, Semix, Zuegg, Fan, Stevia or Racio. DIA products should always be selected according to the contents and type of artificial sweetener.


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