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Coffee and tea

altOne of the world's most popular beverages is coffee. The origins of its long history date back to around 550 BC in the East of the African continent. From here, coffee got into Arabia, which is still today considered the cradle of coffee. Currently, coffee plants are grown in more than 70 countries around the world; the main producers are Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia and India.

Professionally, coffee is prepared as a mixture of different coffee beans and is characterized by its strong aroma, flavor and black color. Coffee contains the alkaloid caffeine, which stimulates the heart and is drunk in particular for these stimulating effects.

In our stores we offer high quality roasted coffee beans originally from Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Kenya, Brazil, Jamaica, Panama, Papua New Guinea, India, Uganda, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Cuba and also many flavored coffees.

Tea, of course, is also very popular. This cultural drink is usually prepared by soaking dried tea leaves in hot water. Tea, in addition to the stimulating effects of Tein, has an overall beneficial effect on the human body.

Originally, tea grew naturally in Southeast Asia, along the border of India and China. Today, due to its popularity, it is grown in many countries with suitable conditions, for example, India, Pakistan, Iran, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Nepal, etc.

We offer a truly diverse range of quality black, white and green tea, Rooibos, La Pacho, Maté, fruit tea and various mixtures with petals, spice and fruit.

In our stores we offer teas from quality manufacturers of domestic and international brands: Amana, Grešík, Dilmah, Harney & Sons, English Shop, Majestic, Ahmed, Liran and others.


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